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Sign Up Patients for MyChart in Just a Few Minutes

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Sign Up Patients for MyChart in Just a Few Minutes

Sign Up Patients for MyChart in Just a Few Minutes

Date: 11/13/2018

Signing up patients for MyChart while Johns Hopkins Medicine staff and providers are interacting with them and their families is now even easier using Instant Activation.

As of Nov. 1, clinicians and registration and scheduling staff in ambulatory areas across Johns Hopkins Medicine are able to activate patients instantly in MyChart by sending a secure text message link to the patient’s mobile phone. Instant Activation takes less than five minutes. And MyChart is a win-win: It offers improved access for patients and greater Joy in Medicine for providers.

Patients enrolled in MyChart can

  • Respond to and submit questionnaires. 
  • Securely message with their providers. 
  • View test results and related comments from providers.
  • Request a prescription renewal.
  • Update medications, allergies and problems.
  • Schedule and cancel appointments.
  • Speed ambulatory check-in process with e-Check.
  • One-click to be added to appointment waitlists.
  • View patient education material as needed.
  • Pay bills.
  • Receive appointment reminders.

Providers and clinical teams can

  • Have more efficient, auto-documented communication with patients, including: 
  • Commenting on test results and automatically tracking results notification.
  • Spending less time on the phone, less “phone tag.”
  • Reaching out to patients when convenient with fewer phone disruptions during appointments.
  • Distribute educational materials for patients to review at their convenience. 
  • View past medical history and family history, and review system questionnaires before visits.
  • Reduce ambulatory no-show rates.
  • Have fewer unfilled appointment slots. 
  • Streamline ambulatory processes, such as e-Check, leading to reduced clinic wait times and reduced time clinicians wait between patients.

For more information, employees can view the resources below. 
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