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Johns Hopkins Regional Physicians Formed to Increase Access and Reach

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Johns Hopkins Regional Physicians Formed to Increase Access and Reach

Johns Hopkins Regional Physicians Formed to Increase Access and Reach
by Christina DuVernay

Date: 06/18/2018

Johns Hopkins Regional Physicians (JHRP) has been formed to expand the delivery of effective, convenient and timely care to patients throughout Maryland and beyond. This care model consists of an integrated network of affiliated community practices that retain considerable autonomy even as they benefit from association with the Johns Hopkins brand and receive support for billing, compliance reporting and other functions.

JHRP now includes Cardiovascular Specialists of Central Maryland, which offers cardiac care primarily in Howard County, and ENTAA Care, an ear-nose-throat and allergy practice with locations in Columbia, Glen Burnie, Annapolis, Kent Island, Odenton and Laurel. Discussions with several other practices are ongoing, says otolaryngologist Marc Hamburger, CEO of Johns Hopkins Regional Physicians, president and managing partner of ENTAA Care, and section chief of surgery/otolaryngology at Howard County General Hospital.

“It is exciting to be starting an innovative program like this one that is a win for patients, providers and Johns Hopkins,” says Hamburger. “Our goal with JHRP is to build a vibrant network of community providers who deliver Hopkins-level care in cost-effective venues that are convenient to patients.”

JHRP represents “a new way to join the Hopkins family,” says Jonathan Efron, senior vice president of the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians (OJHP), which oversees JHRP’s strategy and growth. Participating practices establish a relationship with the corresponding school of medicine department for their specialty. A team from the department provides clinical oversight, and JHRP practices abide by quality, safety and service standards established through the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality.

Physicians and staff members become employees of Johns Hopkins Regional Physicians, says Gill Wylie, president of Johns Hopkins Medical Management Corp. “We wanted to find a way for practices that offer very high-quality care in the community to be folded into Hopkins,” Wylie says. The practices have their own compensation and benefit plans and retain their original names and identities, he says, with the tagline “a member of Johns Hopkins Regional Physicians.”

In crafting this care model, says Kim Sherbrooke, chief operating officer of the OJHP, the goal was to maximize the value proposition for all parties: “Patients get convenient, timely care and access to Hopkins expertise. Affiliated providers enjoy association with a premium brand and expert back-end support with billing, compliance and reporting. And we get a wider referral network and greater opportunities to further research and teaching in the community without incurring financial risk.”

JHRP practices can participate in Johns Hopkins managed care contracts and become part of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Alliance for Patients (JMAP) accountable care organization’s network. JMAP currently serves about 39,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Maryland. JHRP-affiliated practices also benefit from assistance with financial, quality and compliance reporting, in addition to legal and human resources support.