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Ambulatory Management Program

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The Ambulatory Management Program

The Ambulatory Management Program (AMP) is a training program for practice management teams, specifically physician directors, nurse managers and clinic managers. The premise of the program is to bring together expertise from multiple schools within Johns Hopkins that focus on health care management. This interdisciplinary approach to practice management is of vital importance, especially within today’s rapidly evolving and extraordinarily complex health care environment. By completing this course, participants will be able to successfully operate an ambulatory clinical practice with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency that will improve patient care.

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The program comprises several activities to help develop practice management skills. The AMP begins with a two-day Lean processes course, followed by weekly sessions that cover topics such as quality and safety, finance, billing compliance and change leadership. Throughout the sessions, participants learn from topic experts and have the opportunity to talk and network with other similar clinics. Finally, students participate in a final project, which provides them with the opportunity to explore a real issue in their clinics and to address that issue through focused study and applied research under the direction of a faculty member.

The AMP is looking for practice management teams to participate in the program. For more information, please contact Michelle Campbell, Administrator, Ambulatory Services, Satellites, at or call 410-955-2600.

Ambulatory Innovation Awards

The Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians (OJHP) is proud to announce a competitive matching grant funding opportunity for innovation in 2017 for graduated Triads and Dyads of the Ambulatory Management Program (AMP)!* Click here for more information.

AMP Facebook Group

A private Facebook group has been set up so that participants of the Ambulatory Management Program can continue sharing best practices and experience. This group invitation is only sent to those clinicians, nurses and clinic managers that have already completed the AMP courses.

In addition to ongoing conversation with AMP participants, a class schedule will be posted so that the group as aware of new classes as they are announced.

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The AMP Facebook Group is a “closed” group, meaning that only current members of the group can see what members post directly to the group.

If you’re a member of the AMP Group but post something on your private feed, people in the AMP Group will not see your post. They will see only those posts you share directly with the group.

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AMP Testimonials

Most physicians focus on medical training, but sometimes they are thrust into the role of running a clinic. The Ambulatory Management Program was extremely useful in filling in the gaps. It’s a must for any provider who wants to take on ambulatory leadership.

- Rafael Llinas, M.D.
Director, Neurology at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

I had the honor of being nominated to attend the Ambulatory Management Program. The structure of bringing together a physician leader with the management team so that all involved obtained a strong knowledge base in ambulatory practice will be invaluable and will assist us in developing and maintaining ongoing efficiencies in our practices.

- Donna Gavin, M.S.A., C.A.N.
Administrator, Neurology at Johns Hopkins Bayview

The Ambulatory Management Program provided me with an opportunity to network with colleagues across the Hopkins enterprise in a forum that allowed education, discussion and support. A comprehensive series of lectures produced an arsenal of information and resources to enhance my ability to perform at my highest level. It came down to continuing to be frustrated or taking on the challenge of minimizing inefficiencies.

- Laurie Turner, R.N., M.S.N., C.O.R.L.N.
Nurse Manager, Otolaryngology Clinic at the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center


* Must be an alumnus of AMP.