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Mission and Vision

OJHP is responsible for assessing the current state of Johns Hopkins physicians, examining unmet physician needs throughout the JHM family, developing strategies for meeting current and unmet needs for Johns Hopkins physician services and ensuring, in all such endeavors, that Johns Hopkins physicians are supported in a way that fosters Johns Hopkins’ tripartite mission. The vision is to create clinical integration among all physicians within JHM, leading to a patient-centered care delivery system anchored in research and education.

What We Do

OJHP coordinates the activities not only of the Clinical Practice Association (CPA) and Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP), but also the activities of all physicians now part of or joining the JHM family, regardless of entity or location within JHM, including physicians who are employed by JHCP, employed by the Johns Hopkins community hospitals as hospitalists and employed through health system affiliates and those with whom affiliates have aligned. The office ensures that the necessary planning committees are put in place, that resources are made available and that coordination takes place to support Johns Hopkins physicians and in turn JHM.

The office oversees the engagement of Johns Hopkins physicians. The Clinical Physician Recruitment Guiding Principles build a process for the engagement of all new community specialists and hospitalists throughout JHM. Through this process, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine directors will be involved in the recruitment and quality oversight of these Johns Hopkins physicians, while still meeting the clinical needs of our community affiliates.

In addition, the office coordinates administrative services to support Johns Hopkins physician practices wherever they are located. This provider support function will use existing JHM resources to the extent possible, but will advocate for additional resources as needed for this function.