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Executive Committee


The Executive Committee shall be responsible for implementing OJHP's strategic priorities. 

Physician Engagement and Planning (PEP)


OJHP’s Physician Engagement and Planning committee has developed a framework that provides for the coordination of physician engagement initiatives among JHM community division hospitals, the Clinical Practice Association (CPA) and the Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP).   This committee’s charge is not intended to usurp JHM’s community division hospitals’ business initiative prerogatives, but to evaluate all areas of market opportunity that are best explored jointly by all JHM community division hospitals and the OJHP.

Ambulatory Oversight


The Ambulatory Oversight Committee provides leadership, vision and direction for the ambulatory practices. It determines practice standards to foster high-quality and efficient patient care.

Ambulatory Joint Council


The Ambulatory Joint Council represents the employed providers and operating units’ interests within the ambulatory setting. It represents a new accountability for the practices while maintaining the reporting relationship between the ambulatory practice management teams and their departments.  The Joint Council is responsible for promoting performance improvement to encourage achievement of practice standards set by the Ambulatory Oversight Committee.