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Spirituality Resources

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine Pastoral Care Services represents and implements Johns Hopkins commitment to the spiritual/religious concerns of patients, families and staff and strives to foster a community that values personal wholeness, interpersonal reconciliation and human dignity.
  • The Duke Center for Spirituality, Theology, and Health is based in the Center for Aging at Duke and provides opportunities for Duke University professors, graduate students, undergraduates, chaplains, medical students, and residents to conduct multi-disciplinary studies on religion and health. We are interested in working with clergy, theologians, and other scientists to learn more about the relationship between religion and health, as well as exploring the medical and theological implications of that relationship. We frequently work with researchers outside of Duke who are doing research in this area, as well as provide consultation to state and federal government agencies. Center faculty members often give presentations to outside groups. 
  • Information regarding the partnership between MUSC and the SC AME churches to promote physical activity and health.
  • The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine (IJPM) is edited by Dr. Dana King. Dr. John Freedy is the associate editor. Its volumes contain many articles on religion and health research.
  • The Association of Professional Chaplains is the leading interfaith professional pastoral care association of providers of pastoral care endorsed by faith groups to serve persons in physical, spiritual, or mental need in diverse settings throughout the world. Professional chaplains serve as spiritual care providers in all aspects of healthcare, as well as teaching medical and clinical staff and students about spirituality issues.
  • Web site about the monthly meetings of the Spirituality, Religion, and Health Interest Group of the University of Pennsylvania Health System.
  • The ACPE (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education) Research Network seeks to foster connections among members interested in research, encourage original research, and raise awareness about published research (e.g., in the health care literature and the education literature) related to spirituality, pastoral care, and Clinical Pastoral Education.. The ACPE Research Network is an independent initiative within the national Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.
  • Helpful links for the George Washington Institute for Spirituality and Health.