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As the designated specialty referral center for ocular trauma for the state of Maryland, work here is fast-paced and high-volume. Wilmer nurses are experts in visual assessment, yet still maintain and enhance medical-surgical skills. We pride ourselves on our sensitive and sophisticated care of patients of all ages and all diagnoses, including ophthalmic disorders, diabetes, chronic medical conditions, impaired visual function and temporary or permanent visual loss.

Working side by side with our clinician-scientist colleagues, we participate in clinical research, serve as a resource for faculty, residents and staff, and play a key role in developing national standards of ophthalmic care through evidence-based studies and performance improvement projects.

Our staff is close-knit and diverse, with one of the highest retention rates in the hospital. One Wilmer nurse, still practicing in her 80s, and another, now retired, have rooms named for them—the only Hopkins Hospital nurses so honored.

"Who would believe that so small a space could contain the images of the entire universe."

- Leonardo DaVinci

Jeri Eichberg

On the Job with: Jeri Eichberg

It was not until she was 37 that Jeri Eichberg finally got around to the career of her dreams, nursing. Perhaps it's because she came so late to the party that even after 44 years on the job, Eichberg is still at it, working full time—at age 82.

Read about Jeri Eichberg's journey in nursing.

ANCC Magnet Recognition

Magnet Site Visit Announced

The Johns Hopkins Department of Nursing will host appraisers from the Magnet Recognition Program from 9/9-11/2013.

Public Notice of Site Visit