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The Johns Hopkins Nurse Residency Program: PEDS Track

You have discovered that kids hold a special place in your heart. But as a new nurse, can you possibly step into a world where your young patients routinely present you with the most complex diagnoses imaginable?

At Hopkins, the answer is yes! Here, we have created an innovative new grad internship program that shepherds you through your entire first year at The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, all aimed at making you a full member of our interdisciplinary team. Available on all of our units, the residency program follows the UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program™ curriculum. The program enhances your clinical expertise, develops your leadership potential, promotes your career advancement, helps you master complex concepts and sharpens your critical thinking ability.

How You Will Proceed

Besides having the personal and professional support of your one-on-one preceptor, you will:

  • Attend classes taught by pediatric experts, including: nurse educators, clinical nurse specialists, case managers, staff nurses, trauma nurses, pain service nurses, pharmacists and respiratory therapists.
  • Participate in a variety of learning experiences, including: lectures, hands-on practice, skills labs, self-study modules, group activities and online lessons.
  • Participate in open discussions with your peers through “Tales from the Bedside”.
  • Learn about the JHH EBP model and complete a group EBP project.

PEDS Top to Bottom

CORE I - “Managing the Transition from Student to RN”

During your first 3 months:
  • Introduction to Pediatric Nursing
  • Meet with Director of Nursing & multidisciplinary personnel
  • Basic Pediatric Assessment
  • Incorporating Growth & Development knowledge into practice
  • One-on-one preceptor unit orientation
  • Skills Labs
  • Arrest Management
  • Pediatric Pain Management Overview
  • Unit Specific Classes

CORE II -“Managing Resources/What it Means to Be a Pediatric Nurse!”

During months 4-6:
  • Children’s Panel/Child Life Specialist
  • Parent/Family Needs--“a parent’s perspective”
  • Family Resource Center Tour
  • Personal Resource Management--money, time, schedule
  • Introduction to EBP project

CORE III -“Managing Difficult Situations/Communicating Effectively”

During month 6:
  • Healthy Work Environment
  • Unit Resources: Case Manager, Social Worker, Child Protection Team
  • Pain Management Pearls
  • Introduction to JHH QI, Dashboards & Core Measures
  • EBP: Critiquing the Evidence

CORE IV -“Managing Your Stress/Facilitating Well-Being”

During month 9:
  • Ethics--“concepts & consideration”
  • End of life & Bereavement
  • Pastoral Care Overview
  • Patient/Family Education

CORE V: “Managing Your Future”

During month 12:
  • Professionalism
  • Clinical Boundaries
  • Presentation of EBP Projects
  • Residency Completion Celebration

Imagine Your Success

The great thing about our PEDS orientation is that before you know it, you will begin to feel like a full member of our interdisciplinary team.

Application Process

Enrollment into the PEDs program is automatic upon being offered a position on a pediatric inpatient unit. Classes will begin immediately and there is not a separate application process. Applications for a Nurse Clinician position are available online.

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