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June 2015 Cohort

"SOARING was one of the greatest opportunities in my life. I never thought I would become one of The Johns Hopkins Hospital clinical technicians. There were so many times I wanted to give up on my career, but I had so many encouraging people in my life to tell me not to give up. When I got the opportunity to join SOARING, it was such an honor. Even though the internship required more training and more test taking, it helped me become the greatest clinical technician I can be. There may be moments when I wanted to give up on the program, but having amazing and supportive instructors and encouraging classmates helped pull me through. All the hardships were worth it! SOARING also helped me connect with the incredible staff in my unit. I couldn’t ask for a better team or better unit. SOARING made my dream into reality and my reality into a success story."

- Christon Wiley

October 2016 Cohort

“SOARING is an amazing internship to be part of. You will learn new skills, and all the instructors will guide you through everything. The SOARING internship is a great experience, especially if you want to take the medical pathway.”

- Anonymous

“It’s an amazing program. If you want a good start in life and get in a career that you’ll love, join the SOARING program. You will enjoy it. It might be hard, but in the end it is worth it.”

- Anonymous

“Excellent program. Very intense, but I had very supportive instructors and classmates.”

- Anonymous

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ANCC Magnet Recognition

Magnet Recognition at JHH

The Johns Hopkins Hospital is a four-time ANCC Magnet®-recognized organization. ANCC’s Magnet designation is the highest and most prestigious credential a healthcare organization can achieve for nursing excellence and quality patient care.