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Become a Clinical Technician at The Johns Hopkins Hospital



SOARING days are designed to provide a rich onboarding experience for clinical technicians. These days consist of eight cohort meetings for the first year for all new hires and successful interns. SOARING days provide interactive learning activities to support socialization and development; advance interpersonal skills; and enrich, nurture, and retain highly skilled clinical technicians.

SOARING Day objectives are based on the core values of the program. The following topics are covered during SOARING Days:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Confidence and self-management
  • Financial management (budgeting, credit, etc.)
  • Team building
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding delegation
  • Presentation skills
  • Career planning and goal setting


Mentoring and coaching are vital components of the onboarding process. Monthly rounding is conducted by SOARING nurse educators over the first year. It is designed to assist new clinical technicians as they transition to their new role and apply advanced skills. If a need is identified during rounding, SOARING nurse educators provide appropriate resources and referrals.

Monthly meetings with a career coach are another integral part of the SOARING Days. They are intended to support the clinical technician for career advancement or development. Providing ongoing support and mentorship opportunities throughout the first year ensures a positive adaptation to clinical units and successful transition to practice.

Ongoing Education

At The Johns Hopkins Hospital, clinical technicians’ professional growth, development and advancement are valued and reflected in the Clinical Practice Enrichment Program (CPEP). This program was created to provide ongoing learning opportunities to sustain and advance their clinical practice, and to ensure that clinical technicians perform at the highest level of their certification and scope of practice.

Clinical technicians attend 16 hours of continuing education classes/training annually. Topics are based on a needs assessment completed by clinical technicians and nurses. The CPEP curriculum is created and developed by educators who are experts in the field of clinical practice.

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