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Relocation Assistance

Leaving your country to join the Hopkins nursing team is the first step in our partnership. As partners, we each bring something to the table.

What you can expect from Hopkins

Visa processing and legal fees. We will cover expenses related to the permanent residence petition process for the primary nurse applicant.
I-140 filing fee$580.00
Visa fee$400.00
Legal fees$ vary from case to case
NCLEX fees/review/expenses. This includes National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) fees, registration fee, application fee, NCLEX review, plus airfare and accommodation to take the test.
NCLEX Review$400.00
NCLEX trip (airfare/hotel)up to $800.00
NCLEX Registration$200.00
NCLEX Application fee$162.00 (Includes CJIS fee)
Visa screen certificate fee.$540.00 (CGFNS)
Credential evaluation service application fee.$385.00
Initial housing. We’ll arrange housing for you—and cover the first month’s rent. You will be responsible for rent after the first month. The lease terms will be between you and the property owner.
Airfare from home country to MDup to $1, 200.00
1st month Apartment rent for JHH/JHBMCup to $1,600.00
1st month Apartment rent for HCGH & Suburban Hospitalup to $1,800.00 1
Furniture rent (minimum lease)varies from case to case
Airport pickup to your apartment.up to $120.00
Care package upon arrival.
For FENs assigned to JHH, JHBMC & HCGHup to $100.00
For FENs assigned to Suburban Hospitalup to $150.00 1

1The cost of living in these areas is higher compared to JHH & JHBMC areas.

What Hopkins expects from you

  • CGFNS/TOEFL/TSE or IELTS costs. This includes the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools credentialing and licensure process, the Test of English as a Foreign Language and the Test of Spoken English.
  • Criminal background check expenses. (e.g. NBI clearance)
  • Medical examination fee.
  • Visa Screen fees. Initial application and renewals.
  • Additional legal fees. Anything beyond what is required in a permanent residency petition, plus your dependent's legal fees.
  • Visa fee of dependents. You are responsible for the visa fees for your dependents should you decide to include them in the visa process.
  • Additional travel expenses. You are responsible for the travel expenses of your dependents.
  • Personal belongings. Bring as many items as your airline allows.
  • Initial living funds. Your first paycheck should arrive three weeks after you start working. We suggest bringing at least US $5,000 per person to cover living expenses until then.

A two-year employment commitment after orientation is required. If you are unable to complete the 2-year service commitment, the JHHS will require you to reimburse all expenses related to your immigration processing including travel, housing, and NCLEX-related expenses. In addition, you will be required to reimburse the JHHS for your orientation.

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