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Student Clinical Placements

Information regarding Clinical Students during Covid-19

Instructions for School Coordinators

  • Communicate with students and faculty about the requirements of The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Let your faculty and students know who is responsible for gathering/completing student requirements to minimize confusion and repeat workload.
  • Please submit Regulatory/Certification letter indicating faculty and student compliance in all site requirements outlined in website below. Please see the Certification Letter Template for an example.
  • Release Background check to JHH Background screener Joe Phelps ( via Castle Branch for each student and faculty.
  • Clinical Groups:

Instructions for Clinical Groups


The following documentation must be submitted to Nursing Student clinical Placements ( at least one week before the start of clinical:

The following training must be completed before the start of clinical:

  • Complete Epic 101 Inpatient Nurse training class. The Johns Hopkins Hospital uses the Epic system for clinical documentation, order entry and electronic medical record access. Clinical instructors must complete Epic training before entering the unit.. Students complete the course online.
    • Classes offered virtually, with elearnings and then zoom classes to review the workflows applicable to the department.
    • To register for the Epic Training class, please email, with your name, JHED ID and Designed school and unit that you will be teaching to be registered for the class.
      • You’ll get confirmation via email to your JHMI outlook email account.
    • Map to Keswick CISEC training center
    • Faculty who have had Epic training at a different facility can "test-out" of the in-class training. See instructions.
    • For questions regarding Epic training, contact or call 410-614-0958.
  • Show proof of HIPAA training. If HIPAA training is needed complete HIPAA training in myLearning and provide a certificate of completion. (download instructions)
  • Complete the Clinical Instructor Manual in myLearning. (download instructions) (this training to me completed every 12 months)
  • Complete current year Required Annual Education Topics for Clinicians (current year) – New year is available after June of each year. Please locate current year in MyLearning by searching for the title above and submit completion certificate. If you are a current employee, you can use your completed certificate each year. You do not need to re-do trainings. (download instructions)
  • Point of Care Testing (Glucometer)- if your school/unit allows you to perform glucose testing on patients, please follow instructions to obtain access to glucometers and complete training. (download instructions)
  • Review Infection Control for Nursing Students with your students before arriving on the unit.
  • Meet with the Nurse Manager to discuss unit standards, routines, and expectations.
  • Share at least one full shift on the nursing unit. Specific time requirements are outlined in Nursing Student Policy above. Complete Appendix E (Annual Unit Based Competency Checklist) upon completion of the share day, then annually thereafter to ensure clinical instructor is up-to-date on current unit standards.
  • Clinical instructors will orient students to the unit/hospital.
  • Clinical group instructors are required to complete the Nursing student Assignment sheet for each clinical day reflecting the Students assignment and care the students are responsible for. This form can be found online, within the Nursing Student policy, or on the clinical unit. This assignment is to be kept on the unit with the nursing assignment per departmental procedure.
  • Returning Clinical Instructors who already have a JHH ID badge should contact Clinical Nursing Student Placements ( to complete an ID badge form. Please write “ID BADGE” in the subject line to help efficiently process your request. Please include your current badge number on your current ID badge (located under the picture) to allow us to re-activate your badge remotely. You should not have to return to the ID Office.


Instructions for Independent Practicum Students

  • ALL requests must be submitted in writing to
    • Please include Clinical Nursing Placements (email above) in correspondence related to clinical placements at JHH.
  • Students and/or faculty may not seek out their own clinical practicum sites
  • The practicum request needs to include:
    • School and Program Type
    • Start / end date
    • Total number of hours
    • Clinical site preference

Advance Practice/Nurse Practitioner Clinical Practicum Students

The following training is required for Graduate/Nurse Practitioner Independent Practicum Students:

  • Once the clinical placement has been confirmed by the Nursing Clinical Placements team, you will receive instructions on how to submit your requirements via Castle Branch Brides Pro Advantage Tracker. There is a small fee for the use of this software and it is required for all incoming students (including employees). Once your account is established, you will be able to view all site requirements for your clinical experience.
  • Please follow these instructions to establish your Castle Branch Account:
  • Please complete all NP student Epic training modules to gain access to Epic as an NP student. If you are a current JHHS employee, please complete all modules FIRST and notify when complete so we can provide you a dual role in epic.

Undergraduate/Pre-licensure Independent Practicum Students

The following training is required for Undergraduate/Pre-licensure Independent Practicum Students:

  • Note: if your school uses Castle Branch Pro advantage Tracker, all requirements should be submitted per your schools instructions into this system.
  • Appendix A- please complete appendix A and submit to your school coordinator OR to
  • Online Epic training
    • The Johns Hopkins Hospital uses the Epic system, for clinical documentation, order entry and electronic medical record access. Undergraduate/Pre-licensure students must complete Epic Training modules online in order to gain access to the EMR. (See instructions for Epic E-learning.)
    • HIPAA Training
      • If HIPAA training has been completed at school, the student must provide the JHH Nursing Student Coordinator documentation stating that HIPAA training was completed at (the name of) school with the name of the student who completed HIPAA training.
      • If HIPAA training is needed, complete HIPAA training in myLearning and provide a certificate of completion. (download instructions)
    • Medication Administration for Nursing Students at The Johns Hopkins Hospital (download instructions)
    • Review Infection Control for Nursing Students

Instructions for International Students

What do I wear?

The Department of Nursing has a Standardized Apparel Program, which means employees wear scrubs in the color designated for their role. Nursing students and instructors are not required to wear designated scrubs. Students are required to wear their school uniform with their school ID prominently displayed at all times. Instructors may wear scrubs appropriate for a professional setting or a lab coat over their clothing.

Parking / ID Badges and Parking

Not all students are required to obtain a JHH issued ID badge. Students are required to wear their school issued uniform and ID badge while completing clinical rotations.

Some students are required or able to get a JHH Issued ID badge, see information below:

  • Who should get an ID badge?
    • Instructors
    • GYN/OB Students (clinical groups and Practicum Students). This gives them security and scrub access.
    • NICU Independent Practicum Students
    • Students who work off shifts to take advantage of the free parking.
    • Advance practice students and/or students needing to get into Locked units.
  • Students may park for free only during these designated times: Monday - Friday, 4 p.m. - 8:30 a.m. and all day Saturday, Sunday and designated holidays.
  • To get a temporary JHH ID badge, email with the subject of “ID BADGE” to electronically complete ID badge request form that will be approved and submitted to the ID office by our team. The ID office will need 48 hours to process the request form, so please allow time for processing before going to ID office to pick-up your JHH issued ID badge.
  • Returning Clinical Instructors who already have a JHH ID badge should contact with subject “ID BADGE”) to complete an ID badge form. Please include your current badge number on your current ID badge (located under the picture) to allow us to re-activate your badge remotely. You should not have to return to the ID Office.
  • The ID office is located in the Nelson building, room 108. Map
  • Where to park?
  • For your personal safety, we strongly recommend that you park in one of the hospital garages and pay the fee if you are not eligible for free parking. Car pool with other students to split the cost, if possible.
  • Parking questions? Contact the Parking Department, 410-955-5333.
  • Need a security escort to and from the garage? Call 410-955-5585, 24/7.

Flu Vaccine Requirements

The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine requires all health care personnel, including students, and employees to receive a influenza vaccination if they:

  • Provide ongoing patient care services
  • Work in patient care or clinical care areas.

Compliance with this policy requires that by December 1 each year, you must:

  • Submit proof of receipt of an influenza vaccination from a source outside of Johns Hopkins

Hospital policy states that staff members (which include students) with a fever must stay home. Personnel who have respiratory symptoms but no fever can work, but they must wear a surgical mask.

Where can students show proof of vaccination?

Occupational Health Services
The Church Home Professional Office Building
98 North Broadway, Room 421
Baltimore, MD 21231

Office: 410-955-6211
Fax: 410-955-1617
Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more info, contact Debbie Dooley, 410-614-2485 or

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