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Career & Professional Development

Focus on your professional dreams and watch them become a reality at Hopkins. You name your goals. We will help you get there.

Unit-Based Committees

Unit-based nursing committees not only form the basis for shared governance here, they help you take the lead on such issues as peer review, patient safety, education, performance improvement, evidence-based practice and more. All over this complex medical center, nurses are creating innovative techniques that can ease patients’ stays in the hospital and improve the quality of their lives. Your ideas matter-and we are listening.

Clinical Advancement Program (PACE)

You have made it through our extensive orientations; you are feeling great about what you have already achieved. So how do you gain the next foothold in the complex environment that is Hopkins? With our Professional Accountability and Clinical Excellence program, we have created a clear, five-level advancement ladder for bedside nurses. PACE defines structured salary increases to recognize and reward the combination of experience and competencies that allow you to take on increasing clinical responsibility.

Advanced Certification

Certification is one of the best ways you can demonstrate your advanced knowledge and skill. As a Magnet organization, we encourage and support you in achieving any credentials that are offered in your area of specialization, and we reimburse you upon successful completion of your certification exam.

Research Possibilities

The excitement of discovery and medical innovation is a prime animating force at Johns Hopkins. Here, nurses practice in an environment that nurtures their research and academic mindset, an environment where new ideas about approaches to patient care are always welcome. It is part of our mission to help both individual nurses and groups of nurses improve patient care by not only using existing research findings but by conducting their own research and outcomes measurement. 

Tuition Assistance

On every unit, in every specialty, you will find RNs here taking advantage of our tuition assistance to advance their practice or move it in an entirely new direction. We welcome—and support—your ambition.

Global Opportunities

Whether it is volunteering at a neighborhood health center, accepting a teaching stint in China, or joining a medical relief mission to Louisiana or Banda Aceh, Hopkins nurses regularly take their expertise on the road. One of the most gratifying experiences at Hopkins, say those who have heeded the call for help when natural disasters strike, is the number of colleagues who step forward to cover while they are away.

Now, Hopkins Office of Global Nursing is identifying even more ways for us to share our knowledge worldwide. As part of the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing-a cooperative partnership between the hospital’s Department of Nursing and the School of Nursing-the newly created office is working to strengthen Hopkins’ international presence in nursing education, research, practice and service.

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