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Partnering Toward Discovery Seminar Brings Ph.D. and M.D. Students Together

Students mingling at eventStudents met others who study similar diseases and conditions.

Students of the M.D. and Ph.D. programs gathered for the inaugural Partnering Toward Discovery seminar to address one of the toughest problems in medicine: the cure and prevention of HIV infections.

The goal for the event, held September 17 in the Sheikh Zayed Auditorium, was to promote collaboration and networking amongst students at Johns Hopkins University.

“When chocolate and peanut butter collide, something magical occurs,” said Dr. Roy Ziegelstein, Vice Dean of Education. “Here at Hopkins, we have an unbelievable opportunity to connect chocolate and peanut butter: basic research and clinical medicine.”

Fifth-year Ph.D. student Deidre Ribbens was excited about the opportunity to meet with peers in the M.D. program. “We spend so much time with other basic scientists. Having someone to talk to about the same research problems really gives you a new perspective,” she said. “This is the type of atmosphere that’s going to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas.”

Third-year M.D. student Kate Miele agreed. “While we can definitely change the world independently, the impact will be much greater if we work together. Being aware that so much is happening on similar projects in such close proximity helps us to do more.”

The Partnering Toward Discovery series is monthly and will continue to showcase the research and patient care challenges of other topics in medicine.

Watch the seminar: "The Road to Curing HIV"

Partnering Toward Discovery

Hear what Johns Hopkins students had to say about the first Partnering Toward Discovery seminar.