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Reports from Haiti

Johns Hopkins Go Team Haiti Video

Members of The Johns Hopkins Go Team who helped earthquake victims in Haiti describe their experiences and what they learned on their challenging missions.

Final Go Team Medical Mission to Haiti Returns

Hopkins Go Team 4 Haiti Mission

A group of Johns Hopkins doctors and nurses
that arrived in Haiti in mid-February to assist
earthquake victims has returned to the U.S.

The group - one doctor and three nurses - worked on the USNS Comfort for two weeks. They were deployed as part of the Johns Hopkins Go Team, a multidisciplinary group trained to respond to disasters. The medical team on the Comfort was led by Christina Catlett, M.D. (far left in photo), an emergency physician at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and director of the Hopkins Go Team.

The team was the fourth group of medical experts that the Johns Hopkins Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR) deployed to help in Haiti. CEPAR is preparing a report about the four medical relief missions to Haiti that it helped organize. Among other things, the report will review what CEPAR and the Go Teams learned from the experience and how responses to future disaster relief missions can be improved.

Haiti Diary

"People are pouring in to us because they think that we can give them the care they can never get in Haiti -- horrible and massive cancers, HIV and AIDS, chronic abdominal problems, diabetes, whatever."

Read more of this blog and others from Johns Hopkins doctors and nurses.

Johns Hopkins Go Team helps Haiti's children

Go Team members treated many
children. Photo: Tom Kirsch, M.D.

Go Team Members On Comfort

Johns Hopkins Go Team sent two more medical specialists to Haiti Feb. 2 to help victims of last month's earthquake. An anesthesiologist and a nurse anesthetist from The Johns Hopkins Hospital, are serving aboard the USNS Comfort for two weeks. The volunteers will join a Hopkins PICU nurse serving on the Comfort already. The Johns Hopkins Go Team, which is trained in disaster response, deployed to Haiti to assist with relief efforts. Learn about the history of the team and the challenges of getting to Haiti. Watch them prepare to deploy: Go Team

Pediatric Physician Returns to Haiti

Karen Schneider, M.D., an emergency doctor, returned to Haiti Feb. 2. She planned to work in Cap Haitien, located in the northern part of Haiti. Schneider served in Haiti immediately after the earthquake, working with victims in the U.N. medical tents set up at the airport near Port-au-Prince. Schneider recounts her experiences in Haiti. Read about them here.

Johns Hopkins Medical Experts Worked at Hospital in Haiti

A Johns Hopkins Medicine Go Team arrived in Port-au-Prince Haiti via bus Thursday, January 28, after two days of hard traveling. The team, comprised of nurses and doctors, are at University Hospital helping earthquake victims. Their mission was organized through the Johns Hopkins Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response, in collaboration with the International Medical Corps, a non-profit. The seven-member team has returned to Baltimore.

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Michael Millin, M.D., Hopkins doctor, in Haiti
Michael Millin, M.D., Hopkins emergency doctor, works on earthquake victim's
damaged leg.
Earthquake Victims await Go Team aid
Hundreds of earthquake victims a day line up to await medical help at University
Hospital.  Photo: Tom Kirsch, M.D.