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Date: October 27, 2014

Mark Anderson, Director, Department of Medicine
Mark Anderson, Director, Department of Medicine

I’m elated to be here at Johns Hopkins. It’s a chance to participate in something truly outstanding and to contribute to academic medicine in a way that I couldn’t anywhere else. 

My first priority will be meeting with and listening to people. Although I think I understand the big-picture issues, every institution is different. I’ll be consulting with division directors, vice chairs, service line leaders, nursing partners, our colleagues at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and leaders at all the other Johns Hopkins Medicine hospitals. By meeting with each of these constituents and discussing overarching ideas, I hope to gain a more nuanced understanding of how to implement our goals.

The chief objective is to make sure that Johns Hopkins’ three missions of academic medicine continue to prosper and be informed by our history, even as we enter what appears to be a fluid and potentially treacherous future. From an operational standpoint, we want to ensure that our science, research and development continue to thrive and that our portfolio of revenue is diversified. 

We have some of the best education programs in the country—perhaps in the world. But we have to figure out how to make certain they stay relevant to the changing nature of health care. There are economics and societal values to consider, all while maintaining the precepts on which this institution was built. 

On the clinical side, we have to figure out how to meet increasing demands for high value and low cost. We also want to maintain the outstanding rankings of the medical programs and provide services our patients and community need while remaining a platform for new, promising therapies. I don’t have all the answers, but part of it involves understanding how to quantify a financial model that is transparent and equitable—and that uses our partnerships to improve access and provide care in the most efficient settings.

I look forward to this important journey.

Mark Anderson, Director, Department of Medicine


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