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Psychiatry Newsletter - A humbing experience

Hopkins BrainWise-Spring 2013

A humbing experience

Date: April 15, 2013

John Crowder,* 77, a retired architect, was his bright, good-natured self, even entering a Pennsylvania hospital for an hour’s back surgery under standard general anesthesia. He did well in recovery and was wheeled to his hospital room, dozing until morning. Then things unraveled. Crowder didn’t know where he was. He told his wife to feed the rabbit in the room. He was anxious, convinced his roommate was a terrorist. Later transferred to inpatient rehab, Crowder remained confused for several weeks. Once home again, he refused to walk. He was uncharacteristically unfocused and glum for the six months it took to resemble his presurgery self. He calls the experience “one of the most humbling of my life.”

 From a recent Psychiatry Grand Rounds

 * name and details changed for privacy.