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Psychiatry Newsletter - The Eugene Meyer III Professorship in Psychiatry and Medicine

Hopkins BrainWise - Winter 2015

The Eugene Meyer III Professorship in Psychiatry and Medicine

Date: December 10, 2014

Dr. Glenn Treisman
Glenn Treisman, director of the AIDS Psychiatry Service, has been named the Eugene Meyer III Professor.

Psychiatrist Eugene Meyer III (no relation to Adolf Meyer) held dual appointments in medicine and psychiatry at Johns Hopkins for nearly four decades. He was an early leader in the Psychiatric Liaison Service, among the first of its kind to provide psychiatric consultations for medical and surgical patients. An endowed professorship was created in his honor at the time of his death in 1982.

In keeping with Meyer’s legacy, Glenn Treisman was recently named as the latest Eugene Meyer III Professor in Psychiatry and Medicine. Treisman also holds dual appointments in psychiatry and internal medicine. As director of the AIDS Psychiatry Service, he studies the psychiatric disorders that both increase risk for infection with HIV and are caused by HIV, and how they contribute to the ongoing epidemic. He makes his home in the HIV/AIDS clinic, where patients receive medical and psychiatric care.

“By working in the clinic, we can interact with the patients when they come in for care and we can consult with the medical team,” says Treisman, who also authored The Psychiatry of AIDS textbook. “Psychiatric consults are especially important for patients with AIDS because they often have concurrent substance abuse problems, affective disorders and poor coping skills, which make them less likely to stick with their medical regimens.”

Patients with HIV/AIDS are four to six times more likely to have depression than the general population. AIDS also tends to exacerbate existing psychiatric disorders, and in turn, psychiatric disorders tend to increase the likelihood of risky behaviors.

As the Eugene Meyer III Professor, Treisman says he will continue to promote integration of psychiatric care with medical illness and to champion psychiatry as an integral discipline of medicine.