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Promise and Progress - Reflections of Martin D. Abeloff: 4

Special Commemorative Issue: The Abeloff Era - Building Upon a Tradition of Excellence

Reflections of Martin D. Abeloff: 4

Date: April 1, 2007

During Marty’s time as director, our Cancer Center has grown in national prominence to be one of a small group of very visible centers of excellence in oncology in the country. The key ingredient for this is leadership, and Marty has given our Center that leadership beginning well before he became its director. The research programs, clinical excellence, quality of the faculty and national visibility through ASOC, NCCN and NCI research grants all attest to his influence in the world of oncology. It has been a pleasure to know and work with him.

Raymond Lenhard, M.D.

Professor Emeritus of Oncology and Medicine    

Not only has Dr. Abeloff led a period of tremendous success and achievement for the Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, but he also has been one of the principal advisors to the National Cancer Institute and many organizations that support cancer research in this country. He is someone to whom many of us turn for wisdom.

John Mendelsohn, M.D.

President of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center  

I have had the great pleasure to work with Dr. Abeloff on several initiatives related to integrating activities in the Cancer Center with pathology and oncology. I have always been impressed with the genuine desire to improve Johns Hopkins via these endeavors and his insights into how best to achieve these goals. I will have many warm memories of our work together.

Angelo DeMarzo, M.D., PH.D.

Associate Professor of Pathology, Oncology, and Urology    

From the first time Alice and I met Marty, our relationship has been nothing but superior, as he has always been very helpful in explaining in layman’s terms what types of research he and his staff were accomplishing with our funding. We have always believed that he has carefully watched the expenditures to obtain the best value possible for cancer research. We will truly miss our relationship with Marty and are in hopes that we will continue our association with him, as we truly consider him a friend and inspiration. Marty has truly been an outstanding leader of the Kimmel Cancer Center. William H. Goodwin Jr. President of the Commonwealth Foundation for Cancer Research   A superb leader with a special sense of fairness and uncompromising support for those who work with him at the Kimmel Cancer Center. A compassionate physician and a great friend. These are the qualities that make up the man Marty Abeloff.

Mark E. Rubenstein Trustee of The Johns Hopkins University  

Dr. Abeloff has led not only the Kimmel Cancer Center but has built the model for how cancer research should be conducted. He has built a program of incredible basic science that feeds into the clinic and back again. The nurturing and cooperative environment that he has built is second to none.

Robert H. Getzenberg, PH.D.

The Donald S. Coffey Professor

Director of Urology Research

Brady Urological Institute

Professor of Urology, Oncology, and Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences  

Marty has been an extraordinary Cancer Center Director by any metric. His formula of absolute personal integrity, commitment to the discovery mission of the Center, and belief in the power of the Center faculty to improve cancer care through research and innovation has inspired us all.

William G. Nelson, M.D., PH.D.

Professor of Oncology, Pathology, Urology, Pharmacology and Molecular Science, Medicine, and Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences

Co-director of the Prostate and Genitourinary Cancer Program  

Insightful Leader

Dr. Abeloff has been an inspiring, creative, ad effective leader for the Cancer Center and the entire Institution, and his thoughtful and insightful leadership style and many contributions will continue to resonate throughout Johns Hopkins for many years to come.

Johnathan S. Lewin, M.D.

Martin W. Donner Professor and Chairman of The Russell H. Morgan

Department of Radiology and Radiological Science  

I was recruited by Marty shortly after he became the director and arrived here in October of 1994. I have known kindness and friendship from him all through my tenure. He is bold enough to say what he thinks about people, the world at large, and matters political. When he said that he wanted to see diversity and a greater participation of women in the center, he meant it and put it into action. The number of endowed professors and women in leadership positions in the Center increased markedly. The Center is leading the way for the rest of the Institution. I hope for his deep involvement and participation for many years to come.

Saraswati Sukumar, PH.D.

Barbara B. Rubenstein Professor in Oncology

Co-director of the Breast Cancer Program