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Promise and Progress - Keeping Patients and Families Informed

Faces of Childhood Cancer

Keeping Patients and Families Informed

Date: June 1, 2004

Cancer remains a disease of great interest. We recognize the desire of those who have been directly touched by this disease, and even those who have not, to learn about progress in research and treatment.

We believe it is our responsibility to not only conduct expert clinical and basic research, but also to responsibly communicate advances, findings, challenges and even problems to cancer patients, our donors and the general public.

In this issue, we will introduce some new ways that the Kimmel Cancer Center is doing this. On our Web site,, we have added a full registry of clinical trials available at our cancer center, and we have hired a cancer information specialist who can help explain the trials and guide patients and physicians inquiring about them. Clinical trials represent the real translation of laboratory findings to the patient, and many times are available only at select institutions throughout the country.  Our clinical trials database helps make sure that all cancer patients have knowledge of and access to the latest cancer treatments.

The desire for information cannot be any greater than among the parents of children with cancer. To address the special needs of families facing diagnoses of pediatric cancers, we have developed The Scout (, a Web-based guide to pediatric oncology treatment and research information, services, news, events and more. In this issue are three amazing stories of ingenuity by our physicians and determination by patients and families. Their personal struggles and triumphs in their battles against pediatric cancers are inspiring and point out the areas in which we have made great strides and the work that still lies ahead.

We pledge to do our part in keeping patients, donors and the interested public informed about the promise and progress of cancer research and treatment at the Kimmel Cancer Center.  

Martin D. Abeloff, m.d.

Eli Kennerly Marshall, Jr. Professor of Oncology

Director, The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins