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Promise and Progress - A Cancer Revolution

A Cancer Revolution

Promise & Progress

Promise & Progress - Winter 2004

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Letter from the Director

  • It’s hard to believe that 30 years have passed since our Cancer Center first opened its doors.

Headline Makers


  • It’s uncommon for a scientist to announce, “I think we’re going about this the wrong way,” particularly in regard to their own research.
  • Each year, Vogelstein and Kinzler receive more than a thousand applications looking for postdoctoral training in this world-renowned laboratory.

A Genetic Revolution

  • Bert Vogelstein ranks today, as he has for more than a decade, as the pre-eminent international scientist. The discoveries that led the world to understand that cancer is a genetic disease unfolded one by one in his laboratory.

Capturing The Stem Cell

  • They are the key to life, our blood cells—red ones, white ones, immune cells, and platelets—manufactured deep within our bones, coursing through our 60,000 miles of arteries and veins to nourish, heal, and protect us.

Radiation Oncology

Sever Aplastic Anemia

  • In 1996, a Johns Hopkins investigator uncovered and re-opened a 30-year-old clinical protocol that offered the promise of a cure for patients stricken with the rare and deadly immune disorder known as severe aplastic anemia.
  • Severe aplastic anemia (SAA) is one of those horrible diseases that people like to tell stories about.


  • Ten-year-old Conor Griffin Goetz contributed more than his savings account to the battle against cancer.

30 Years of Discovery


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