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News for Physicians from Johns Hopkins Medicine
Winter 2018

A Seasoned Look at Anorexia Treatment

Eating disorder expert Angela Guarda urges patients and their families to be wary of private, for-profit residential treatment programs. She explains why the Johns Hopkins model has proven more successful in the long term in changing behaviors about food and weight.

Winter 2018

New Technologies for Shoulder Damage

Subacromial balloon spacers are one of the treatments available to patients through clinical trials.

Winter 2018

Getting to the Heart of Inherited Cardiac Disease

Heritable heart conditions can genetically predispose patients to sudden cardiac death. Johns Hopkins clinicians at the Center for Inherited Heart Disease take a multidisciplinary approach to helping patients and their families to identify and manage their cardiac conditions.

Winter 2018

After The Cure: What comes next for patients with post-HCV liver fibrosis?

Hepatologist Tinsay Woreta is leading a study to understand more about HCV treatment and concerns regarding continued risk for cirrhosis and liver cancer.