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News for Physicians from Johns Hopkins Medicine
Fall 2016

Treatment with TORS, Less Radiation

Transoral robotic surgery is perfectly suited for the base of the tongue and lingual tonsils.

Fall 2016

Root to Boot Replacement for Complex Aortic Disease

James Black explains how “root to boot” surgical graft leads to positive outcomes.

Fall 2016

An ECMO Record?

A young patient's successful 551-day treatment on ECMO at Johns Hopkins sets a record—and offers insights for improving care for other complex patients.

Fall 2016

Treating Epilepsy with a Laser Focus

Laser interstitial thermal therapy offers patients with epilepsy a minimally invasive option for surgical treatment.

Fall 2016

Behavior Change Linked to Alzheimer's Disease Onset

Johns Hopkins Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center Associate Director Paul Rosenberg shares mounting evidence that behavioral change can accompany—and even predate—better-known cognitive lapses.