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Pediatric Heart News - Directors' View

Pediatric Heart News Winter 2013

Directors' View

By: Joel Brenner, M.D. Luca Vricella, M.D.
Date: March 1, 2013

Luca Vricella and Joel Brenner
Luca Vricella, M.D.<br/>Director of Pediatric <br/>Cardiac Surgery<br/><br/>Joel Brenner, M.D.<br/>Director of <br/>Pediatric Cardiology

Once upon a time, heart care at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center was confined to a cluster of academics in Baltimore. No more: We continue to expand and apply our knowledge through collaborations across the country and beyond.

Most recently, when All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla., became a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine in 2011, we knew we had a great opportunity to further our mission to provide high-quality, comprehensive care for patients. This includes patients of all ages, from the infant diagnosed in utero with a heart defect to a growing generation of adult congenital heart disease patients who underwent corrective surgery during childhood. Over the next few months, All Children’s will also work with another Florida hospital—Florida Children’s—to establish a joint heart surgery program.

With the three hospitals collaborating on research, care and quality improvement measures, Johns Hopkins is poised to become the largest pediatric heart care program in the nation. And that means more evidence-based studies and insight into children’s heart disorders and surgical outcomes.

Meanwhile, our ongoing research and successes are chronicled on these pages. From diagnosing and treating rare diseases, like Barth syndrome and osteogeneosis imperfecta, to using smaller, safer coated stents during interventional procedures, we strive to improve the odds for patients everywhere.