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Pediatric Heart News - Director's view

Pediatric Heart News Winter 2012

Director's view

By: Duke Cameron, M.D. Joel Brenner, M.D.
Date: March 1, 2012

Duke Cameron and Joel Brennan
Duke Cameron, M.D.<br/>Director, <br/>Cardiac Surgery<br/><br/>Joel Brenner, M.D.<br/>Director, <br/>Pediatric Cardiology

At the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, our mission has always been to continuously seek better therapies, treatments and procedures, not only for our own patients, but for children everywhere. From our most basic molecular and genetic studies to our translational research and clinical trials, we have one goal: to transform patient care.

The articles in this issue of Pediatric Heart News highlight just a few of the ways that we are pushing the boundaries of pediatric cardiovascular care: advancing the treatment of Loeys-Dietz syndrome, using MRI to improve surgery for newborns with heart problems, and performing percutaneous pulmonary valve replacement to reduce the need for open-heart surgery.

But our care is also poised on the brink of a different kind of change. In April 2012, we open our 12-story, 560,000-square-foot, all-new children’s hospital.

Significantly larger than our current quarters, The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center building features 205 private inpatient rooms, a 45-bed neonatal intensive care unit, a 40-bed pediatric intensive care unit, 10 state-of-the-art surgical suites, a dedicated pediatric radiology unit, a no-wait cardiac catheterization laboratory, the latest in noninvasive cardiac imaging—in short, a world designed for 21st century pediatric medicine. To learn more about our new hospital, please visit

We hope you enjoy this glimpse of what we’re undertaking in pediatric cardiovascular care. Please call on us to discover how we can contribute to your practice.

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