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NeuroNow - From the Directors

NeuroNow Winter 2013

From the Directors

Date: January 1, 2013

Henry Bren and Justin McArthur
Henry Bren and Justin McArthur

This year, our hospital is celebrating its third consecutive year of being ranked top in the country in neurology and neurosurgery by U.S.News & World Report, an honor we’re showcasing on page 3 of this issue of NeuroNow. The rest of this issue is dedicated to some of the reasons why we continue to be named the best in our field.

On page 1, we tell how Allan Belzberg recently performed a rare operation offered at just a handful of centers around the country that completely eliminated a patient’s extreme and constant pain by burning away scar tissue in his spinal cord. An article on page 4 details how doctors at our Pituitary Center, including Alfredo Quiñones and Roberto Salvatori, provide a continuing commitment to our patients by offering an annual Pituitary Education Day in which patients can learn about their conditions and find support from others who share them. Stories on pages 2 and 3 discuss how monetary support is helping physician scientists at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere forge ahead with gaining a better understanding of neurofibromatosis and vascular disease—research that wouldn’t be possible without this assistance.

These stories collectively exemplify Hopkins’ three-part mission of research, teaching and patient care, values that have grounded this hospital since its opening in 1889. It’s especially gratifying that we continue to get outside recognition, year after year, for doing what we’ve always strived to do best.

Henry Brem

Harvey Cushing Professor and  Director of Neurosurgery

Justin McArthur

Director of Neurology

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