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NeuroNow - From the directors

NeuroNow Spring 2012

From the directors

Date: May 3, 2012

Henry Brem and Justin McArthur
Henry Brem and Justin McArthur

That old adage “change is good” applies to hospitals, too. In April, The Johns Hopkins Hospital entered a new era with the opening of our new clinical buildings, the Sheikh Zayed Tower and The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center. The neurosciences will enter a new era, as well. After nearly three decades of practicing medicine in the hospital’s Meyer Building, both neurology and neurosurgery are moving into the Zayed Tower, a space that brings countless innovations that make our patients’ experiences here even better.

Our story about this new space showcases all of the changes we’ve implemented to make care easier, more efficient and more personable for our patients and their families. These include making every room private, having visitor lounges so family and loved ones can step away from the bedside while still remaining nearby, and replacing the overhead call system with cell phones so that every member of a patient’s care team is reachable immediately while maintaining a quiet, healing environment.

Change is also afoot in the way we do research for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and brain cancers, two diseases that have an enormous impact on patients at our hospital and elsewhere. Through generous donations from two different donor families, we’ve recently been able to launch the new Michael S. and Karen G. Ansari ALS Center for Cell Therapy and Regeneration Research at Johns Hopkins (story on page 1) and to continue programs that support long-running efforts to develop better treatments for brain cancer (story on page 4).

Through the outstanding efforts of our faculty and the generosity of our patients and donors, we’re proud to keep our practice of medicine and research efforts fresh and innovative. Change is good, indeed.

Henry Brem
Harvey Cushing Professor and  Director of Neurosurgery

Justin McArthur
Director of Neurology

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