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NeuroNow - NeuroNow Spring 2011

NeuroNow Spring 2011


John Krakauer
John Krakauer’s research suggests that identifying a signature pattern in stroke patients may eventually help doctors know which patients to target for more aggressive therapies.

Articles in this Issue

Cover Story

From the Directors

  • Research by Johns Hopkins neurologists and neurosurgeons is offering a fresh perspective on stroke, surgical hardware, and the best ways to bring medicine from the bench to the bedside.

Spine Surgery

  • Researchers at Hopkins' Spinal Column Biomechanics and Surgical Outcomes Laboratory are evaluating the best hardware and techniques for spine surgery.

Laboratory to Bedside

  • The Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute's neurotranslational program is moving promising treatments from the lab bench to the bedside.

Beyond Baltimore

  • Johns Hopkins neurosurgeons recently went on a medical mission trip to Nigeria and Ghana, helping patients in need and providing training for local physicians.

Friends of Research

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