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NeuroNow - From the directors

NeuroNow Fall 2011

From the directors

Date: November 21, 2011

Henry Brem & Justin McArthur
Henry Brem & Justin McArthur

In April 2012, the face of Johns Hopkins Hospital will change with the opening of the Sheikh Zayed Tower and The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center. These buildings usher in a new era of patient care for both neurosurgery and neurology. For example, the footprint of the Neurosciences Critical Care Unit will be greatly expanded, giving more space to patients and their families, and allowing our caregivers more room to work. Every room in the new building will be private, with a window that floods the rooms in natural light. All the services our patients need will be on the same floor, in close proximity, maximizing safety and comfort.

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Just as these new buildings wouldn’t exist without the generosity of our donors, many of the stories featured in this issue of NeuroNow also could not have taken place without donor support.

For example, the Neurosurgery Pain Research Institute at Johns Hopkins – To Control, Prevent, and Eliminate Pain, featured on our cover, was started with $25 million in seed money. We expect that this new institute will transform what is known about pain and the way it is treated in the future.

Similarly, other gifts from the family and friends of Molly Kunkel (page 3) and from local benefactor Suzanne Cohen (back cover) are making it possible for our multiple sclerosis nurses to stay current with training and education, and for local Baltimore high school students to get real-life experience in medicine and medical research.

To all our donors: Thank you. The vital work we do in research, teaching and patient care wouldn’t be possible without you.

Henry Brem

Harvey Cushing Professor and
Director of Neurosurgery

Justin McArthur

Director of Neurology

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