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NeuroNow - Summer 2009

Summer 2009


NeuroNow Summer 2009

Articles in this Issue

Meet Our Doctors

  • When Betty Tyler joined the Department of Neurosurgery as a laboratory technician in 1990, she wanted to do challenging research and to know that the product of her labors could readily be used to help patients. She got her wish.
  • Johns Hopkins has been especially successful in recent years at attracting women into its neurology and neurosurgery programs. What’s drawn women to these programs?


  • Neurofibromatosis, or NF, as it’s also known, is among the most common of inherited disorders, affecting more kids than cystic fibrosis.

Sleep Disorders

  • Are you already on your third cup of coffee this morning? Can’t remember a time you felt well-rested? It’s no wonder: We’re a sleep-deprived society.


  • To improve the odds that patients can emerge from stroke with both mind and body intact, neurologists Argye Hillis and Rebecca Gottesman have been focusing on two sometimes subtle indicators and/or consequences of stroke: aphasia and hemispatial neglect.

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