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NeuroNow - Meet Our Newest Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Fall 2007

Meet Our Newest Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Date: September 1, 2007

Edward Ahn, Ben Carson and George Jallo
In October 2007, Edward Ahn, center, joined Ben Carson and George Jallo, right and left, on the pediatric neurosurgery service.

At Children’s Hospital we had a high volume of children coming in from all over. When you’re in a big center like that you become familiar with a wide range of pediatric neurosurgical procedures.

My special interests were congenital spinal cord anomalies, traumatic spinal cord injuries, epilepsy and craniofacial abnormalities, particularly craniosynostosis, a malformation of head shapes caused when the bony plates of the skull fuse together too early. To correct it, we often used a minimally invasive technique involving small incisions and far less blood loss. For most of our tumor cases, we used intraoperative MRI to ensure that there was adequate resection.

While I was in Boston, Dr. Jallo and Dr. Carson invited me to consider working here. There was no question that I wanted to work with them and come back to Baltimore. I was born and raised here, and I had always dreamed of coming back someday and serving the city again.

The kids I operate on range from newborn on up. Some of my contemporaries would not choose that because they have young children of their own. We had our first baby during my fellowship, in fact, and every time I had an infant [patient], I could really feel what the parents were going through.

But I think being able to identify with parents is an added advantage. It makes you a better doctor because you really want to do the best for the children as if they were your own.

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