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NeuroLogic - NeuroLogic Spring 2011

NeuroLogic Spring 2011


Lee Peterlin

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Clinical Trials

  • Clinical trials for the following conditions are actively recruiting patients: primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS), Parkinson's disease psychosis, Parkinson's disease, normal learning and memory, amnesia, headache, peripheral neuropathy, and ischemic stroke.


  • NeuroPace, an experimental device expected to receive FDA approval soon, prevents seizures by sensing abnormal electrical activity and delivering a competing burst of electricity.

Neuromuscular Disease

  • Through clinical and laboratory research, spinal muscular atrophy has gone from one of the most hopeless of all neuromuscular diseases to one of the most hopeful.


Brain injury

  • Argye Hillis and Jon Weingart are part of a comprehensive team that evaluates and treats traumatic brain injury patients and steers them to resources for long-term therapy.

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