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Managed Care Partners - A brand new welcome mat

Managed Care Spring 2012

A brand new welcome mat

Date: April 1, 2012

Patricia Brown President, Johns Hopkins HealthCare
Patricia Brown - President, Johns Hopkins HealthCare

This issue highlights an exciting change to Johns Hopkins’ East Baltimore campus—the opening of state-of-the-art clinical buildings that finally bring our physical facilities in line with the innovative research and clinical care skills of our top-notch employees.

Lest you think we’re just throwing money around, consider that throughout the design and construction, we ensured that we could accommodate the way we want to practice medicine in the 21st century. Even as the nation moves toward the accountable care model, we recognize that there will always be a need for the acute care that hospitals such as ours provide.

Faculty and staff in every area using the new buildings weighed in on design features that would best and most efficiently enable them to provide that care. We factored in our patient- and family-centered care philosophy and allowed for flexibility in adopting technologies as they become available. The results are incredible.

Many features achieve dual purposes. All private inpatient rooms and triage areas maximize patient privacy and comfort but also reduce the spread of infection, lowering hospitalization costs and lengths of stay. Green roofs not only are calming for patients to view but help control storm runoff and promote evaporation to create a cooling effect.

No detail was overlooked in the design. Dedicated areas on each unit of the Children’s Center allow for translational research. Radiology equipment located within shared areas of the adult and pediatric Emergency Departments means patients no longer need to be transported far and wide for treatment, and attending physicians will get test results quicker. 

The project helped stimulate the local economy. Construction alone provided more than 4,700 jobs. Of those, almost 1,000 workers were Baltimore City residents, and 280 lived in East Baltimore. And the new campus created a hiring boom: The Hopkins workforce will expand by 700 people, including nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, pharmacy technicians, MRI technicians, security guards, and patient and visitor services personnel.

I hope you’ll get a chance to come see this amazing new facility, which provides a warmer, more family-friendly atmosphere for patients and visitors and a more streamlined work environment for employees. Our commitment to continuing our legacy as the No. 1 hospital continues in a more sophisticated setting.

Patricia Brown
President, Johns Hopkins HealthCare

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