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Johns Hopkins Medicine Suburban - Suburban Hospital Cardiac Rehab Celebrating 30 Years of Caring for Patients!

New Directions Spring 2013

Suburban Hospital Cardiac Rehab Celebrating 30 Years of Caring for Patients!

Date: May 1, 2013

Cardiac Rehab Team
Pictured with cardiac rehab staff and patients are Medical Director Dr. Greg Kumkumian, standing third from right, and Program Manager Jeanmarie Gallagher, standing second from right.

Bethesda, Md., (February 8, 2013) – Suburban Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab Department celebrates its 30th anniversary in the month of February.

The program includes exercise, cardiac risk factor modification, individual consultations with a dietitian and licensed counselor, and social support.  When the program began in 1983, between four and six patients were seen per session.  Today, the Cardiac Rehab staff can work with up to 25 patients at a time.

“Being a Cardiac Rehab patient at Suburban for the past 20 years, I can't praise the program enough,” said Tom Fitzgerald of Bethesda. “From the caring and professional attention by the staff, to the heartfelt comradery among the patients, the program breeds success. I literally owe my life to this group.”

In the past five years, the Cardiac Rehab Center has treated more than 350 new patients per year with an average of 30 new patients each month.  The unit cares for adults - who range in age from 18 to 97, including a dozen World War II veterans - with a multidisciplinary approach using RN’s, clinical exercise physiologists, a licensed counselor and a licensed dietitian.

The Cardiac Rehab Center has gone through three renovations over the past 30 years to accommodate the expanding patient population. Fifty percent of patients continue in the rehab maintenance program.  Several patients have been coming for 20+ years to take advantage of the supervised exercise environment and support they receive from fellow participants.

“We know that cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or cardiac surgery can prolong the life of people with coronary artery disease,” said Dr. Greg Kumkumian, medical director of the Cardiac Rehab Center at Suburban Hospital.  “Our skilled staff is uniquely attuned to the needs of cardiac patients.  We encourage and teach our patients how they can live a full and active live after a heart event.”

For more information about Cardiac Rehab at Suburban Hospital, call 301-896-2096 or visit Cardiac Rehab.