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Johns Hopkins Health - Exercising After 50? Don't Skip a Beat

Summer 2010
Issue No. 9

Exercising After 50? Don't Skip a Beat

Date: July 20, 2010

older woman running

If your heart skips a beat or feels as if it's racing during exercise, you might be inclined to rush to the doctor's office, where you could be subjected to extensive testing and exercise restrictions.

But researchers at Johns Hopkins say that if you’re older than 50 and otherwise healthy, those types of irregular heartbeats, or arrhythmias, aren’t necessarily anything to worry about. If you’re a healthy adult without heart disease or other health conditions, you shouldn’t be concerned with moments of rapid heartbeats and palpitations during exercise, says cardiologist Joseph Marine, M.D.

“You should always check your exercise regimen and any heart symptoms with your doctor,” Marine says. “But our study indicates that such episodes during exercise may be part of age-related changes in the heart.”

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