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Johns Hopkins Health - Summer 2010

Summer 2010


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Health Insights

  • older woman running
    If your heart skips a beat or feels as if it's racing during exercise, you might be inclined to rush to the doctor's office, where you could be subjected to extensive testing and exercise restrictions.
  • pills
    Much has been reported about the effect of vitamin D on your health - including that some of the good news is overhyped.
  • Ever get the sort of itch that just can't be scratched away?
  • family with doctor
    Pediatricians score high on screening kids for developmental delays but fall short when it come to referring them for further evaluation or treatment

Quick Consult

  • kid in sun
    Summertime, and the living is easy. But watch out for burn hazards, especially when it comes to your kids

Feature Story

  • woman with laptop in bed
    The cool-blue glow of our electronics plays a huge role in our sleep cycles. Too often we don't know when-or why-to shut down

Cover Story

First Person

  • woman
    Sally Rotondo is basically cured eight years after a terminal lung cancer diagnosis

Second Opinion

  • couple
    Women: Open communication and understanding can help in the treatment of your partner's erectile dysfunction

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