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Johns Hopkins Health - Winter 2009

Winter 2009


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Health Insights

  • fish
    Many of us have long associated vitamin D with bone-strengthening properties. But inadequate levels pose an even more lethal risk to overall health, Johns Hopkins researchers say.
  • asian woman holding head
    Physical and emotional stress has yet another downside in its cause-effect arsenal: a faux heart attack, also called broken-heart syndrome. Johns Hopkins researchers report that people who undergo severe emotional or physical stress have all the symptoms of a heart attack—except it’s not.
  • boy eating cheeseburger
    Adults aren’t the only ones who should have their cholesterol checked. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends cholesterol screenings for kids with family histories of high cholesterol, early heart disease and sudden cardiac death, and kids who are overweight or obese.
  • So-called energy drinks on the market may be doing consumers a disservice, say Johns Hopkins scientists who have spent decades researching the effects of caffeine. They are calling for prominent labeling that notes caffeine doses and potential health risks for consumers.
  • herb
    Daily doses of ginkgo biloba may prevent brain damage after stroke. That’s the thinking behind a new Johns Hopkins study, which supports other evidence that the herb neutralizes free radicals known to cause cell death in the brain.

Quick Consult

  • woman
    Mood swings, lack of concentration, expanding waistline and trouble sleeping? If you’re between your late 30s and late 40s, you may be thinking you’re going crazy. Chances are better you’re in perimenopause. But what—if anything—should you do about it?

Feature Story

  • couple holding hands
    Until recently, oxygen was the only treatment to lower a person’s risk of dying from severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease—or COPD. Today, minimally invasive procedures offer a breath of fresh air

Cover Story

  • items on desk
    Our memories may be our virtual libraries, but—eventually—some forgetfulness is OK

First Person

  • couple sitting
    Robin Sutton explains the bariatric surgery journey she and husband Scott took together

Second Opinion

  • man with back pain
    About 80 percent of us will experience back pain in our lives. How do you know when it’s really time to see a doctor?

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