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Johns Hopkins Health - Guys: Want to Protect Your Prostate?

Spring 2010
Issue No. 8

Guys: Want to Protect Your Prostate?

Date: April 23, 2010

Men with lower cholesterol are less likely than those with higher levels to develop an aggressive form of high-grade prostate cancer, according to a recent Johns Hopkins collaborative study.

The study revealed that lower levels of heart-clogging fat may cut the risk by nearly 60 percent.

“We know it’s good to have cholesterol levels within a normal range for many reasons,” says study author Elizabeth Platz, Sc.D. “Now we have more evidence of its benefits for lowering the risk of potentially deadly prostate cancers.”

High-grade cancers tend to grow and spread rapidly. Although it’s not clear why lower cholesterol decreases the risk, Platz says cholesterol may affect the survival of certain cancer cells.

“Eventually, targeting cholesterol metabolism may be one route to treating and preventing prostate cancer,” she says. “But this remains to be tested.”

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