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Summer 2014

We’re Connecting To Improve Your Care

Date: June 2, 2014

MyChart homepage

Johns Hopkins Medicine’s new electronic medical record system helps you be an active partner in your health care. Everyone on your Johns Hopkins health care team now has access to your single Johns Hopkins medical record to help ensure safe, coordinated care anytime, anywhere.

As part of the new system, Johns Hopkins Medicine is pleased to offer you MyChart, a secure website that you can conveniently access through any computer or mobile device to see the most up-to-date medical information about your Johns Hopkins care. Using MyChart, you can view portions of your medical record, send secure messages to your health care team, renew prescriptions and request appointments.

Here’s what patients have to say about MyChart:

“I met my new primary care physician last week and got the opportunity to sign up for MyChart. I had to have fasting lab work done. By that evening my physician sent me a message that my results had been released, and I was able to see them!”

“I find it easy to access and use. I also recently used it for the first time to make an appointment and it worked well. Overall, it is a useful program.”

“I love it. I have been a patient here for almost 20 years. I really love having everything all in one place and easily accessible. I have several medical conditions that require constant and diligent management by both me and my health care team. I recently needed a refill on one of my medications. Rather than having to look everything up or remember it, I was able to check MyChart and easily request a refill. I can download everything onto my USB (love that feature). I feel very ‘tied in’ now. MyChart promotes patient responsibility for our own health care, and allows patients to feel as if our medical information is readily and easily available. It’s a fabulous system.”

A MyChart account can be established for anyone age 13 or older who is a patient at a participating Johns Hopkins Medicine facility. Ask your health care team for more information, or visit

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