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Tapping Innovative Solutions and Technology at Johns Hopkins Medicine
June 2015

Bedside App Engages Patients, Families and Care Team in the ICU

A new app developed at Johns Hopkins aims to make patients and their families feel more comfortable during an ICU stay.

June 2015

Nanoparticles Curtail Rejection of Corneal Transplants in Lab Studies

Researchers at the Center for Nanomedicine have developed tiny particles that have successfully preserved corneal transplants in mice.

June 2015

Q&A: Finding the Right Project Management Tools

Insight caught up with Sallyann Koontz to get the scoop on what systems work well in the Johns Hopkins Medicine environment.

June 2015

HIPAA-Secure App, Bionic Pancreas for Diabetes and Cloud-Based Research Bank

A look at innovative developments outside the walls of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

June 2015

Web Extra: Q&A: The Power of Nanoparticles

In January 2015, Elizabeth Nance was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 scientists who are changing the world.

June 2015

Web Extra: Slideshow: The Patient and Family Portal App