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Inside Tract - On Balance

Inside Tract Winter 2014

On Balance

Date: January 1, 2014

Anthony N. Kalloo, M.D.

So much of our work in gastroenterology is about maintaining a delicate balance.

But it's not just ensuring the equilibrium of the gastrointestinal tract. There are other, less obvious things that we do in our pursuit of the best in patient- and family-centered care.

For example, as the Affordable Care Act unfolds, we need to maintain the at-times fragile balance of keeping our care affordable and accessible.

With that in mind, Susan Hutfless and colleagues have built a new model to predict readmissions. Using simple data from billing codes, they've made great strides in preventing return visits to the hospital.

Many clinical and education efforts also require treading a figurative tightrope. Brindusa Truta, a distinguished new member of the division, talks in this issue about helping women with inflammatory bowel disease maintain the healthy equilibrium they need to start a family.

Or consider our page 2 story. The research being done by Nicholas Zachos explores the intestinal harmony that is thrown off by rotavirus and certain bacterial infections like E. coli.

Rounding out the issue, Anne Marie O'Broin-Lennon and the pancreatic cyst team know there's nothing formulaic about treatment. There is always a fine balance between observation and surgery.

We invite you to call on us and learn how we can contribute to your practice.


Anthony N. Kalloo, M.D.
Director, Johns Hopkins Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology