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Inside Tract - A specialty that challenges, that rewards.

Inside Tract Spring 2011

A specialty that challenges, that rewards.

Date: April 1, 2011

Anthony Kalloo
Anthony Kalloo

I was sitting in a cardiologist colleague’s office, hearing him talk about the challenges he faces, and it struck me that people in his field have but a single organ to deal with—the heart. As gastroenterologists, however, we deal with diseases of multiple and different organs, even though, like the specialty of our cardiologist friends, there’s a single goal for the system when it works right—digestion in our case.

This issue of Inside Tract reminds me what a very diverse “species” of clinicians and researchers we are. Mimi Canto’s images of the esophagus in sickness and health and Xuhang Li’s insights into a source of IBD inflammation drive this home. The organs we deal with differ dramatically—contrast liver and large intestine, for example—and the complexity of some of them still, in this day and age, keeps them largely a mystery.

This is what makes our specialty both challenging and rewarding.

We hope that you will enjoy this glimpse of what we’re undertaking, and we invite you to call on us to learn how we can contribute to your practice.

Anthony N. Kalloo, M.D.
  Johns Hopkins Division of
  Gastroenterology and Hepatology

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