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Inside Tract - Science Rooted in Compassion

Inside Tract Fall 2013

Science Rooted in Compassion

Date: September 1, 2013

Anthony N. Kalloo, M.D.

A hallmark of our work in the Division of Gastroenterology is the partnership we form with our patients and their referring physicians. Groundbreaking science goes much further much faster when it's combined with cooperation and compassion.

This edition of Inside Tract serves as testament to that care.

Linda Lee and the GI team have seen patients with chronic Clostridium difficile infections get relief with fecal transplantations.

Stephen Meltzer's work finding biomarkers stands to save patients and their families the dangers and pains of gastric and esophageal cancers.

Jay Pasricha talks about his work with patients who are perplexingly hard to diagnose. Part of our neurogastroenterology team's approach is to understand that patients are sick, no matter where that sickness comes from.

And Mark Lazarev's upcoming trial treating the toughest cases of Crohn's disease with drugs associated with chemotherapy and cancer treatment exemplifies our team's commitment to cutting-edge science to take on persistent problems.

As proud as I am of our division's groundbreaking science, I'm every bit as proud of the compassion and understanding my colleagues bring to their research and their patient care.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse of what we're undertaking and invite you to tell us how we can contribute to your practice.


Anthony N. Kalloo, M.D.
Director, Johns Hopkins Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology