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Inside Tract - Our Version of Paradigm Shift

Inside Tract Fall 2012

Our Version of Paradigm Shift

By: Anthony N. Kalloo, M.D.
Date: December 12, 2012

Dr. Tony Kalloo

The phrase “paradigm shift” is often overused and overdramatic, and I’m the last person to support hype. But there is a certain legitimate sense of such a shift in our division, and it comes from more than recently moving into technologically at-the-edge endoscopy suites. And it comes from more than NOTES, the surgery that avoids external incisions (Inside Tract, fall 2011) that we’re readying for GI situations beyond achalasia. 

Five years ago, I might have dismissed as a pipe dream any idea that you could flood a patient’s colon with nanoparticles and have them harmlessly biopsy gut tissue. But now Florin Selaru’s team is working to take this to a clinical setting. And seeing something that would downplay surgery for chronic pancreatic pain? Now Jay Pasricha is close to entering the pharma pipeline with a drug that specifically targets a neurological basis for that often-devastating problem. That’s not to mention his other enteric nervous system-based approaches for IBS, dyspepsia and diabetes.

Frank Giardiello’s clinical studies on serrated adenomas bring us closer to a world that prevents more colon cancer than treats it.

Let’s just say it’s an extraordinarily optimistic time for Hopkins gastroenterology and hepatology.

Anthony N. Kalloo, M.D.
 Johns Hopkins Division of
 Gastroenterology and Hepatology

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