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Spring 2017

Meet Cardiac Surgery Chief Jennifer Lawton

A specialist in adult cardiac surgery, the new head of the division has spent much of her career raising awareness about heart disease as the leading cause of death in adult women in the United States.

Spring 2017

Atrial Fibrillation: So Long, Blood Thinners

Three cardiac implantable devices for patients with atrial fibrillation provide viable alternatives when blood thinners prove problematic—and can likewise significantly reduce the risk of stroke, says Hugh Calkins, director of Johns Hopkins’ Cardiac Arrhythmia Service.

Spring 2017

A Common Mission—and Admiration

Pediatric heart surgeon Luca Vricella’s volunteer work repairing hearts in children living in Cambodia so inspired Michael Brodsky—himself born with a congenital heart condition—that he’s become an ardent supporter of the cause.

Spring 2017

Heartfelt Support

A roundup of legacy events showcases milestones for the Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute.

Spring 2017

Getting to the Heart of Inherited Disease

Gordon Tomaselli, chief of the Division of Cardiology and co-director of the Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute, digs deeply to find out whether a patient’s heart problems are inherited or acquired to optimize treatment.