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Spring 2016

When Mom Has Congenital Heart Disease

A growing number of women born with cardiac defects are attempting pregnancy and successfully carrying to term.

Spring 2016

Toward Better Treatment for Advanced Heart Failure

Cardiologist Kavita Sharma is making inroads to understanding and treating heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, or HFpEF.

Spring 2016

Showing Support

Some special moments from the Cardiac Surgery Critical Care Lecture, Achuff Lectureship and more.

Spring 2016

A Bequest for the Ride of His Life

After several surgeries to repair his heart, avid cycler John Sauter expresses his gratitude to the Heart and Vascular Institute.

Spring 2016

The Curious Case of the ‘Nervous Heart’

Cardiologist Oscar Cingolani tracks various clues to crack the case of a rare disorder.