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Missing History


Two articles two years apart in Hopkins Medicine were of interest to me since I worked in the Department of Psychiatry from 1975-1979: “Embracing the Rainbow” (Spring/Summer, 2015) and “Center for Transgender Health Launches” (Spring/Summer, 2017) describe work undertaken to train medical students in the care of LGBT individuals and outline the newly established center to serve individuals with gender dysphoria. This center is not the first one at Hopkins. The John Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic, the first in North America, was established in 1965 by Dr. John Money, a psychoendocrinologist, and Drs. Robert Blizzard and Claude Migeon, pediatric endocrinologists, as part of a multidisciplinary team that included Dr. Howard E. Jones, a gynecologic surgeon, and later a urologist, Dr. Robert Jeffs. Their pioneering work influenced both research and clinical care of persons with issues of gender identity and psychosexual development throughout the world. The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions continue to have a rich history, and this piece of history should not be forgotten.  

Tom Mazur, Psy.D.

Buffalo, NY