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blue, pink, and white chalk arranged in the fashion of the transgender pride flag

Circling the Dome

Emerge, a new clinic at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, is providing crucial information and support services to children who are transgender, and their families.

a human brain drawn with computer code

Medical Rounds

Jose Suarez and colleagues in the Neurosciences Critical Care Division are harnessing data captured in the neurocritical care unit to improve patient outcomes through early detection of crises precursors.

Wolf Constellation by Lauren Small

Hopkins Reader

Toward the end of Wolf Constellation, the widow of a longtime Johns Hopkins psychiatrist observes: “We’re all part of a chain, aren’t we? Bound by cords to the people who came before us, to what we know, and sometimes even more so to what we don’t.”

Christopher Beard

Class Notes

News from and about our graduates.




This issue’s letter from the editor and reader responses.

illustration of two people discussing money

Second Opinion

Unbiased education in personal finance should start early in a doctor’s training.

illustration of a doctor bandaging a broken heart


Medicine has always been a demanding career. Clinicians typically work long hours and give their all to help patients. In recent years, though, the profession has become even more demanding.

In Focus

Clarisse Solis sitting in the Clarity Capsule


Sit back, relax. The Clarity Capsule is here. The archlike structure, which sits at the bottom of the stairs in the Turner Concourse of the East Baltimore campus, provides a tranquil spot for students, faculty members, or visitors to spend a few minutes inside meditating, listening to music, doing a breathing exercise, or simply having a quiet moment to themselves.

“The Clarity Capsule is a visual reminder of Johns Hopkins’ commitment to supporting well-being,” says Roy Ziegelstein, vice dean for education in the school of medicine. “Having a physical space to focus and recharge [is] beneficial to many in our campus community.” Read more about wellness activities unfolding across Johns Hopkins Medicine, including the recent creation of the Office of Well-Being, in Post-Op.


Make a Gift

chalkboard drawing of gift and heart rate

You can choose to support a specific cause at Johns Hopkins about which you are passionate, or you can make a contribution that will support our priorities in research, patient care and medical education.

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