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Class Notes

News from and about our graduates.

Hopkins Reader

Dwaine Rieves has produced a compelling narrative that mostly is set in in the tumult of a fictional 2004 Georgia gubernatorial campaign yet also moves back and forth through time, providing foreshadowing of the characters’ later lives.

Medical Rounds

Nina Martinez has lived with HIV since receiving a blood transfusion when she was 6 weeks old. Now 35, she tries to fight misconceptions that still cause harm to people with the virus.

Circling the Dome

The new center, called the Alliance for Cardiovascular Diagnostic and Treatment Innovation, or ADVANCE, is co-led by biomedical engineer Natalia Trayanova and cardiologist Hugh Calkins, director of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Service




This issue’s letter from the editor and reader responses.

Second Opinion

Why listening to patients—and the community—is crucial to effective doctoring.


At Johns Hopkins, we talk all the time about innovation, about dedication, about putting patients first, about doing whatever we can to help the people who do us the great honor of putting their lives in our hands.

In Focus

green spring station pavilion iii

An Expansion at Green Spring

This summer, 25 years after the opening of Johns Hopkins at Green Spring Station in Lutherville, a new facility will open that significantly expands outpatient clinical and ambulatory care services on the campus. Pavilion III will house outpatient clinical suites moving from other locations at Green Spring and new clinical areas (including urology and interventional radiology), and include an ambulatory surgical center on the third floor—one of the largest in Maryland. Medical oncology, on the first floor, will feature an outdoor infusion area, enabling patients to soak in fresh air and the pleasant setting during their treatment.

The addition of Pavilion III will allow clinical services in Pavilion I and II to expand and will also impact The Johns Hopkins Hospital: By moving some of the outpatient and routine surgical services to Green Spring, the hospital will increase its capacity for patients who need treatment that is more complex and its ability to provide care for the East Baltimore community.


Make a Gift

chalkboard drawing of gift and heart rate

You can choose to support a specific cause at Johns Hopkins about which you are passionate, or you can make a contribution that will support our priorities in research, patient care and medical education.

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