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The Gut Balance Revolution

On a Baltimore public radio station talk show last September, Gerard Mullin, associate professor of medicine, was praised effusively by the host as “one of our most popular guests”—and no wonder.

Mullin, director of The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Integrative Gastrointestinal Nutrition Service and Celiac Disease Clinic, is an expert on what some consider revolutionary—but actually are age-old—methods for achieving significant and permanent weight loss. The radio host said Mullin’s appearances always elicit a “huge audience response.” True to form, listeners called in to recount their successes at achieving substantial, sustained weight loss by following Mullin’s three-step program to restore and revitalize the body’s internal ecology with healthier foods that naturally promote pound reduction.

In The Gut Balance Revolution, Mullin presents a lively, easily understood and detailed guide to the “weeding,” or cleansing, from the microbiome (intestinal tract) of those micro-organisms that promote weight gain, the “seeding” of this intestinal garden with weight-reducing counterparts, and the “feeding” into it of a steady diet of foods that will keep one’s innards on an even keel—while also knocking off pounds and improving overall health.

Along with enumerating 30 “superfoods” that form the basis of a gut-balancing diet, Mullin provides illustrated exercise and yoga regimens; 100 pages of shopping lists, recipes and meal plans; and encouraging accounts of patient successes. He quotes Hippocrates’ advice, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” noting that this counsel is as valid today as it was over 25 centuries ago.

Gerard E. Mullin, M.D.
Rodale (2015)